Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering
The Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering is composed ofthree programs: Industrial and Information Systems Engineering, MSDE(Manufacturing Systems and Design Engineering), and IT Management with a view to enhancing the global competitiveness of students, the Industrial and Information Systems Engineering program offers studentsan opportunity to participate in an one-year exchange program in the Department of Industrial Engineering at Ohio University.
Both MSDE and IT Management programs are dual-degree programs,offered in conjunction with Northumbria University(NU), UK. Uponcompletion, students in these programs are awarded with two Bechelor’sdegrees: Bachelor of Engineering from Seoultech and BSc from NU. All major courses are taught in English.
Department of Business Administration
The Department of Business Administration aims to foster talentedindividuals with global competitiveness.
The Department of Business Administration seeks to nurture globalbusiness leaders through its innovative and creative curriculum. Studentswill acquire the expert knowledge needed to become business leadersand learn to unleash their creativity in the decision-making process.The department is devoted to helping students develop characteristicssuitable for the global business environment by offering a wide range ofinternational exchange and double-degree programs.
The department’stwo concentrations – Business Administration Program and GlobalTechnology Management Program– are designed to produce market-readygraduates for the manufacturing, finance, and high-tech IT industries.