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Dean's Greeting
Dean's Greeting
Fostering bright minds to lead the knowledge-based society of the 21st century through the convergence of business and technology
The College of Business and Technology at Seoul National University of Science and Technology aims to produce talented individuals who will take leading roles in the technology-led, innovative economy of the 21st century through the convergence of business and engineering.
Cutting-edge programs designed to create leaders in the global technology based economy
The College of Business and Technology is based largely on two of the most practical and applied fields: Business Administration and Industrial Engineering. It also offers specialized programs that integrate advanced technology with business techniques. With programs in Global Technology Management (GTM), Manufacturing Systems and Design Engineering (MSDE), and IT Management (ITM), the college is spearheading the development of graduates for the technology and the business sectors while also furthering these academic disciplines.

In this era of convergence education, often dubbed a new paradigm for the 21st century, the college is equipped with top-notch faculty who provide education that will help students acquire global competitiveness. The Department of Industrial  Engineering seeks to foster versatile business minds with a foundation in engineering. The Department of MSDE and ITM program run dual-degree programs provided jointly with Northumbria University in the UK with graduate students receiving a degree from both institutions. In addition, the Department of Business Administration, with its emphasis on high value-added industries, is devoted to nurturing global business minds who will serve as a driving force behind economic development; a double-degree program in this department is offered by SeoulTech and Montclair State University in the U.S. or SeoulTech and Pittsburg State University in the U.S. The college aims to produce the best and the brightest – individuals who will be at the forefront of the global economy – through its state-of-the-art curriculum.
Innovative talents contributing to economic and social development
We invite you to pursue a future as an innovator, leading social and economic development in the knowledge-based global economy of the 21st century, where a growing emphasis is placed on convergence technology and convergence knowledge.
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