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The College of Business and Technology was established with the intention of fostering talented graduates capable of drawing on multiple disciplines to explore new industries for the nation’s future.

The college consists of the Department of Industrial Engineering (Industrial and Information Systems Engineering and IT Management), the Department of Manufacturing Systems and Design Engineering and the Department of Business Administration (Business Administration and Global Technology Management); it offers double degrees to those who specialize in the MSDE, IT Management, and Global Technology Management programs.

Degrees in MSDE and IT Management will be provided jointly with Northumbria University in the UK, whereas a degree in Global Technology Management will be provided jointly with Montclair State University and Pittsburg State University and Pittsburg State University in the U.S. The Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering is dedicated to producing talented graduates with pragmatic expertise and global competitiveness in areas where high-tech engineering (IT, NT, and BT) converges with business.

The Department of Business Administration seeks to nurture creative individuals who will fully utilize their knowledge in applying business skills to both conventional and advanced technology businesses.
  • To foster innovative, global, broad-minded individuals with quick adaptability to the rapidly changing world of advanced technology
  • To nurture the next generation of CEOs, CIOs, and engineering managers, possessing both technological expertise and manage ment skills, who will lead the field of convergence technology and the information-based society of the 21st century
  • To produce global business leaders who, through an innovative and creative curriculum, will learn to spearhead economic development centered on high value-added industries
  • To develop well-rounded, global business minds with management skills and technological knowledge through a curriculum focused on decision-making and business management
  • To foster leaders with global competitiveness in production system and design engineering
  • To nurture world-class IT professionals with expertise in both IT and business
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